Unlocking Your Perfect Look: Haircut Ideas for Different Face Shapes

At Fallachi Hair in Berwick, we believe that the right haircut can do wonders for your confidence and style. One of the keys to finding your perfect look is understanding your face shape and choosing a haircut that complements it. In this guide, we’ll explore haircut ideas tailored to different face shapes, helping you achieve […]

10 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

messy bun

Time is of the essence when it comes to our morning routine, and while we all would love to recreate the amazing styles we get at our hair appointments, it simply is not going to happen (especially if you’ve slept in…) Luckily there are plenty of easy hairstyles out there to do and we are […]

4 Short Hairstyles That Will Make You Want To Cut Your Hair Short!

1. Short Curls If you have curls, the best thing to do is embrace them! Let your curls be curls! You will have a much easier time letting your hair be rather than trying to blow dry and straighten it all the time, which can also cause heat damage if done too much. Going shorter with your curls […]

5 Coachella-Inspired Festival Looks

In this weeks edition of #HairTalk, we go over some of the super-cool Coachella Inspired styles that you can do for your next music festival or event. 1. Braids Braids are the perfect festival hairstyle and are so versatile because they can be done in many different ways. They are one of the most functional styles, as […]

Easy Hair Cuts & Styles for Busy Mums!

Let’s face it, Mums don’t always have much time in the morning to get themselves ready in order to leave the house on time. Your hair can consume a lot of the little time you have, however if you have a style that is quick and easy to do in the morning, it will make a big […]

Best Hair Styles For Little Girls

Hair is just as important to a young girl as it is to a woman. They deserve to not only look, but feel pretty and fabulous with their hair as well. But what about the Mums that have to do/help with their hair? Let alone do it during the morning rush! So, in this weeks edition of #HairTalk, we […]

How To Get Anne Hathaway’s Hair From “The Hustle”

Anne Hathaway has sported various different hairstyles throughout the years, in many different movies. From super short pixie cuts, medium bobs, to long hair! In her latest movie, “The Hustle” alongside Rebel Wilson, Anne Hathaway plays the role of Josephine Chesterfield – a glamorous, seductive British woman who has a liking for defrauding gullible men out of […]

What Hairstyle Suits My Face Shape?

In this week’s edition of #HairTalk by Tomars, we talk you through the different face shapes on women and what hairstyles are best suited to each one. Sometimes your face shape can often be overlooked when choosing a new hairstyle. If you brought in a picture of a celebrity’s hair and got that hairstyle, only […]

The Best Hairstyles for my ROUND Face Shape

In Last Week’s edition of #HairTalk, we talked about what hairstyles suits the oval face shape best and the fact that a hairstyle may not suit you or look the same on you as it does on a celebrity because it has a lot to do with your face shape! There are 6 main face shapes. This week […]

The Best Hairstyles For My OBLONG Face Shape

Choosing a hairstyle according to your face shape can have a profound impact on how the hairstyle will look on you and is one of the main reasons why a particular hairstyle may not look as good as you thought. There are 6 common types of face shapes, each with different features that suit different hairstyles. In […]