10 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair


Time is of the essence when it comes to our morning routine, and while we all would love to recreate the amazing styles we get at our hair appointments, it simply is not going to happen (especially if you’ve slept in…)

Luckily there are plenty of easy hairstyles out there to do and we are going to list 10 easy hairstyles to give you some inspiration and maybe try something different with your hair. You may need to practice them a couple of times but once you’ve got it, you’ll be set!



1. Messy Bun

You can’t go wrong with a messy bun. So easy to do and presentable enough to just pop out.

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2. Half Up Top Knot/Messy Bun

Let your hair down, but still keep a messy bun. Best of both worlds and best of all it’s done in a minute! You can even add some curls for that extra flare.


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3. Beach Waves

We love this style as it is such a versatile style for many occasions. Rock it as a lazy Sunday hairstyle or evening drinks!

beach waves hairstyle

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4. Rope Braids

A super easy alternative to a standard braid for a more polished look.


rope braids

Photo: self.com




5. Space Buns

It’s nice to be a little funky every once in a while. Space Buns (or Double Buns) are easy to do and pair great with a fringe, and can be worn with the sides up or down.

space buns

Photo: lorealparisusa.com




6. Braided Ponytail

Spice up your pony with some braids for a different look.

braided ponytail hairstyle

Photo: alexgaboury.com




7. Sleek Top Knot

An easy hairstyle that will make you look and feel put together in no time!

sleek top knot hairstyle

Photo: coveteur.com




8. Loose Dutch Braids

A beautiful way to change things up from the usual pony tail or bun!

Photo: Pinterest




9. Slicked Back Ponytail

Sophistication & ease usually don’t go in the same sentence, but the slicked back pony tail is just that!


slicked back ponytail

Photo: Pinterest




10. Low Bun

A cute hairstyle that works for everyday as well as special occasions.


low bun hairstyles

Photo: Missy Sue YouTube

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