Easy Hair Cuts & Styles for Busy Mums!


Let’s face it, Mums don’t always have much time in the morning to get themselves ready in order to leave the house on time. Your hair can consume a lot of the little time you have, however if you have a style that is quick and easy to do in the morning, it will make a big difference and look like you’ve got it all under control!



If you have long hair, the best way to cut it to make it more manageable and easy to style being a busy Mum is to go Shorter.

Chop it ALL Off

You may notice a lot of women go short after having kids. Why? It is SO much easier. Styling time is cut it half (or more) and you don’t have to worry about hair being in your face or getting knotty and dry.


Below are some different types of short hairstyles for Mums.




Go Shorter, But Not Super Short

You may not been too keen on taking the leap and chopping it all off, and that is ok. There is always the option to go Shorter but not super short.

Styles such as the ‘Mum-Bob’ look amazing and still have the styling advantages that a short hair cut does as well as being out of the way.

Choppy and textured bobs look amazing and the super popular Lob (Long Bob) is a top option also, as you can see below.



So you may not be ready or have no plans anytime soon to cut your hair shorter. That is ok as well. There are plenty of ways you can quickly style your longer hair with ease, without compromising on how nice your hair looks or it not looking like you’ve put any effort in!

 1. Twisted Bun

Back, out of the way and super easy to do! See this tutorial below by lulus.com

2. Messy Bun

Doesn’t need an intro. Go to hairstyle that takes no more than 2 minutes and you’re set!



3. Half Up Bun/Top Knot

Super versatile style. The top knot can be worn as a standard top-knot, or you could braid it. The Sides can be left straight or you could even give them some loose curls as show in the next style!



4. Loose Curls

Takes a little more effort and time compared to the above styles, but not much.


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