The Best Hairstyles for my ROUND Face Shape


In Last Week’s edition of #HairTalk, we talked about what hairstyles suits the oval face shape best and the fact that a hairstyle may not suit you or look the same on you as it does on a celebrity because it has a lot to do with your face shape!

There are 6 main face shapes. This week we discuss the Round Face Shape, and what are the best hairstyles for it.

What Face Shape Am I?

If you are not sure what face shape you have, you can check out our previous blog where we go over all the different face shapes which allows you to identify what your face shape is.

What is the Round Face Shape?

The round face shape is a common one, and usually people want to take away the roundness of it, giving it the illusion of a slimmer, more elongated (longer) look.

It consists of prominent, rounded cheeks with an equal width and length of the face. It is quite easy to identify a round face, as it will be noticeably round.


What suits a Round Face Shape?

As we mentioned before, with a Round Face Shape, the idea is to elongate the face and take away the roundness. Texture & Layers will give you more definition and take away from this. Increasing Volume will also elongate your face.

Hairstyles that suit a round face shape well include:

Textured LOB (Long Bob)


Pixie Cut with Volume on the Top if you want to go Short

Slick Back High Ponytail

Deep Side Part

What does not suit a round face shape?

If you want to take away the roundness, it is better to stay away from haircuts that are all one length, like short bobs or haircuts that hug your face. These will ‘show off’ the round shape.

Short haircuts with no volume or lift will just accentuate the round shape.

Check out these examples below.


These type of styles accentuate a round face shape. So, if that is something you do not want, then you need to avoid these styles and go for something a little longer, with more volume and layers.


As always, we recommend that you discuss with your hairdresser about your face shape and also your hair type. This can give you a great direction in choosing a hairstyle that compliments your face shape.

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