How To Get Anne Hathaway’s Hair From “The Hustle”


Anne Hathaway has sported various different hairstyles throughout the years, in many different movies. From super short pixie cuts, medium bobs, to long hair!

In her latest movie, “The Hustle” alongside Rebel Wilson, Anne Hathaway plays the role of Josephine Chesterfield – a glamorous, seductive British woman who has a liking for defrauding gullible men out of their money.

In the movie she wears two different hairstyles, in particular her second style in the movie- a long bob with a heavy fringe, really caught our attention and we LOVE it. So, in this week’s edition of #HairTalk, we are going to discuss the cut, colour and style & how you can get it yourself!



1st Style- Longer Layers

This is Anne’s style in the first part of the movie. A longer haircut with some layers to break up the bottom. It is styled parted over to the side in some scenes in the movie, but we really like it when it is styled in a pulled back quiff sort of style (see below).


2nd Style- Long Bob with A Fringe

In the movie this hairstyle magically appears out of nowhere, however we are not complaining. We really love this style! The heavy fringe looks amazing on Anne Hathaway and the long bob that sits at her collarbone is the perfect length!

This is a super trendy but practical hairstyle that look great with some foils in it (see below for colour on this hairstyle) and styled with some ‘GHD Waves’ (achieved with a hair straightener by wrapping the hair strand around it.)







The 1st hairstyle in the movie is more of a natural hair colour, a medium-dark brown.

However, the 2nd style sports some lighter caramel tones to make the long bob really stand out! It is not too much but enough to really compliment the hairstyle!


Although the first, longer hair style would be considered ‘basic’ compared the shorter one, it can be spiced up with some simple styling. As you can see below, adding some curls/waves at the bottom and pulling the top back completely changes the style!

The long bob and fringe is a style within itself, however in the movie Anne wears some waves to add some definition as well as to make the lighter tones of colour pop. The waves look especially good on long bobs like this, as it breaks up the hair as it falls down to the collarbone, softening it so it isn’t as blunt.

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