4 Short Hairstyles That Will Make You Want To Cut Your Hair Short!


1. Short Curls

If you have curls, the best thing to do is embrace them! Let your curls be curls! You will have a much easier time letting your hair be rather than trying to blow dry and straighten it all the time, which can also cause heat damage if done too much.

Going shorter with your curls will help contain them. The longer and more weight they have, the more annoying they can become. Wearing them shorter will make it easier to maintain and to style!

Curls can even be worn with the sides and back very short or just short at the back with the curls on top. See pictures below for reference!



2. Pixie Cut

A very popular haircut among those who love to wear their hair short as well as those making the change from long to short! A Pixie Cut will generally be quite short on the back and sides and a little longer on top with a fringe.

They are the easiest short ladies hairstyle to maintain and style. However a pixie cut may not suit every persons head and face shape, so consult with your hairdresser before deciding.

Pixie cuts can be worn with a rough/textured look, casual look or formally as well.


3. Funky

Funky or “Out There”short hairstyles are generally ones with lots of texture throughout the hair  and worn in more a ruffled/messy way. They can range from very short sides and longer on the top, or having the sides disconnected from the top (undercut), but can also be a little longer in length but utilise colour and longer pieces of hair to compliment the ‘funky’ look!



4. The Crop 

“The French Crop” as it’s known. A crop is a popular mens haircut nowadays, however can easily be worn by women wanting a shorter style.

It is generally short on the sides, blended into the top with a noticeable fringe and all the hair pushed towards the front. You have freedom of choice to how short you have the sides, it just depends on how short you want it to be.

Crops will also have texture throughout the top to break it up and give the hairstyle some movement. They are easy to maintain as well as style which makes them a popular choice for women with short hair!


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