Best Hair Styles For Little Girls


Hair is just as important to a young girl as it is to a woman. They deserve to not only look, but feel pretty and fabulous with their hair as well.

But what about the Mums that have to do/help with their hair? Let alone do it during the morning rush!

So, in this weeks edition of #HairTalk, we give you a few great hairstyles you can do for your little girl/s that are quite simple and straightforward but still spice up that quick ponytail!


Messy Bun


It works for the mums, why can’t it work for the girls too? The Messy Bun is quick to do and keeps the hair out of the face which just makes life easier!

Top Knot


Half Up Bun/Top Knot



One of our favourites. It can be worn as a standard top-knot, or it can be braided. The Sides can be left straight or you could even give them some loose curls. Cute!


‘The Spiced-Up Ponytail’



Without a doubt the Ponytail is the go to 30 second hairstyle. For both women and kids. As they they say, don’t fix something that isn’t broken right? We Agree! However if you have that little bit of extra time (and patience) a ponytail can be ‘spiced up’ with things like:

– A High Ponytail

– A Bow

– Braids




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