Fallachi Hair Awards Night 2023

The team at Fallachi Hair celebrated another fantastic year at our 2023 Awards night, which we share with our barbershop, New York Barbers. Our awards night sees us celebrate the end of the year and commend the amazing effort by the team throughout the year, as well as hand out a few different awards.   […]

Hair Care Myths: Debunking Common Misconceptions

Fallachi Hair Berwick

Hair care is a topic that’s rife with myths and misconceptions. With so much information available online, it can be challenging to separate fact from fiction. In this blog post, we’re going to debunk some of the most common hair care myths, providing you with the real facts to help you maintain healthy, beautiful hair. […]

Fallachi Hair Finalists in 2023 Australian Hair Industry Awards

The Fallachi Hair team is thrilled and honoured to secure a spot as finalists for the third year running at the Australian Hair Industry Awards. This year, we’re finalists for Salon Business of the Year VIC and Salon Team of the Year.     This achievement is a testament to the incredible dedication of our […]

Fallachi Hair Named as Finalists in 2022 AHIA Awards

Fallachi Hair Berwick

We are thrilled to be finalists for the 2022 Australian Hair Industry Awards in three categories!   Jess for Best Salon Manager of the Year Best Customer Care State Salon Business of the Year VIC     Congratulations to our our amazing Jess who does a fantastic job leading our team and is being recognised […]

How Often Should I Be Washing My Hair?

A topic many have divided opinions about. How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? In this weeks edition of #HairTalk, we discuss this topic to answer these common questions! Many factors contribute to what your ‘ideal’ hair-wash time frame is! This is why we will start with using your hair type as a guide. Fine […]

4 Short Hairstyles That Will Make You Want To Cut Your Hair Short!

1. Short Curls If you have curls, the best thing to do is embrace them! Let your curls be curls! You will have a much easier time letting your hair be rather than trying to blow dry and straighten it all the time, which can also cause heat damage if done too much. Going shorter with your curls […]

Transitioning From Coloured Hair To Natural Grey

Are you tired of seeing those cheeky grey roots coming through every 3 weeks? How do you know when is the right time to stop colouring your hair and embrace the grey? In this weeks Edition of #HairTalk, we discuss embracing those greys. How to go about transitioning from a full colour to less colour […]

How Often Should I Cut My Hair?

In this weeks edition of #HairTalk, we are going to be discussing different hairstyles and how often they should be cut. The average rate at which hair grows is 1.25cm per month (half an inch). Blunt Fringes    Lets start with the style that requires the most maintenance, a blunt fringe. As they usually sit just over […]

5 Coachella-Inspired Festival Looks

In this weeks edition of #HairTalk, we go over some of the super-cool Coachella Inspired styles that you can do for your next music festival or event. 1. Braids Braids are the perfect festival hairstyle and are so versatile because they can be done in many different ways. They are one of the most functional styles, as […]

Easy Hair Cuts & Styles for Busy Mums!

Let’s face it, Mums don’t always have much time in the morning to get themselves ready in order to leave the house on time. Your hair can consume a lot of the little time you have, however if you have a style that is quick and easy to do in the morning, it will make a big […]