Transitioning From Coloured Hair To Natural Grey


Are you tired of seeing those cheeky grey roots coming through every 3 weeks?

How do you know when is the right time to stop colouring your hair and embrace the grey?

In this weeks Edition of #HairTalk, we discuss embracing those greys. How to go about transitioning from a full colour to less colour or maybe going grey for good!

Starting to Turn Grey? Time to Go Lighter!

When your hair starts to turn grey it’s time to lighten up!

Lifting your hair a few levels lighter will give you less contrast when your regrowth starts to come through. Just think about how grey hairs will stand out against dark hair vs lighter hair (pictured below).

Want To Embrace The Greys? You Can Start To Transition To Less Colour Or None At All.

Here at Tomars we have a few different approaches towards colouring your hair less or stopping colour:

  • Change Your Tint To Semi – Permanent

Semi-permanent colours give you more of 3-dimensional coverage, rather than a full block out coverage that comes from a permanent tint. You will get more of a shine + tone and still see some subtle greys coming through.

  • Move From An All Over Colour To Partial Foils

Shifting from colour all over to partial foils means you won’t have to colour all of your hair, therefore have less of a block regrowth of greys.

With either changing to a semi permanent tint or going to partial foils, this can be used a stepping stone to going all natural grey by adding less and less colour each visit to allow the grey to come through.

Stretching out appointments from every 6 weeks to 8, 10, 12 weeks and so on will helps to allow more to come through also.

  • Go For A Big Chop

This is the most drastic change, but within a few haircuts you will be colour free in no time!

You can cut it all off and go short if you’re feeling brave enough! At Tomars we can have you wearing a funky short style which looks great on grey hair as seen below.



Or if you want to do it gradually so you can keep your length, this can be an option as well.

It is always best to consult with your hairdresser who can guide you through the process and to see what is going to work better for you and your hair! 


Styles For Grey Hair

There are plenty of hairstyles for short (as seen above), medium and longer length natural grey hair.

Here are some awesome grey hair looks picked by us!


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