How Often Should I Be Washing My Hair?


A topic many have divided opinions about.
How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?
In this weeks edition of #HairTalk, we discuss this topic to answer these common questions!

Many factors contribute to what your ‘ideal’ hair-wash time frame is!

This is why we will start with using your hair type as a guide.

Fine Hair

Unfortunately fine hair doesn’t hold volume or texture for long periods of time, because fine hair has less density to it and is not as thick, therefore can get dirtier, quicker. This is due to everyday air pollution having easy access to the scalp and hair.

Generally, fine hair or non-coloured hair should be washed every second day.

Thick Hair

Compared to Fine Hair, Thick Hair tends to stay cleaner for longer!

People with thick hair can go days between shampooing. However this depends how oily your scalp gets. Oilier Scalps usually should be washed more often (every two days). 

When shampooing thick hair, we suggest a double cleanse (shampooing twice).

The 1st shampoo will remove dirt & oil, and the 2nd Shampoo will allow the shampoo’s smoothing qualities to kick in. After your Shampoo, condition- but just on the ends! This will ensure your scalp doesn’t dry out too much.

Vibrant-Coloured Hair

To reduce colour fading, we recommend only washing highly coloured hair twice a week.
Shampooing Coloured Hair too much will result in the colour fading out quicker.

Curly Hair

As natural oil doesn’t travel down a curly hair strand as quickly as straight hair,
it does not need to be washed as frequently.

Thinning Hair

For Thinning Hair, we recommend using a stimulating shampoo + conditioner, for scalp invigoration.

Hair Washing Based on Your Scalp

As well as your Hair Type, your Scalp can also be a good indicator of how often you should be washing your hair.

Dry Hair: If you have a dry scalp and dry hair, it is best to leave at least a day in between hair washes, but wash your hair at least twice a week. Shampoo strips the scalp of its natural oils when you shampoo every day, and this can be a contributing factor to having dry hair

Oily Hair: Naturally, some people produce more Sebum (natural oils) from their scalp. These oils will travel faster down the hair strand if you have fine or straight hair. Typically those with oilier hair can wash their hair more often as it will not dry out as much. This can be every day or every second day, depending on your hair and personal preference. 

In the middle: Not too Dry, Not too Oily? You have the option to go with what suits you. Perhaps washing your hair every day doesn’t dry out your scalp too much and you like having that clean hair feeling everyday. Maybe every second day is perfect for you and your hair. Possibly every second day you go to the gym to you could wash your hair on gym days. It’s all personal preference. As long as you don’t dry out your scalp from too much washing, or let your hair get too dirty!

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