How Often Should I Cut My Hair?


In this weeks edition of #HairTalk, we are going to be discussing different hairstyles and how often they should be cut.

The average rate at which hair grows is 1.25cm per month (half an inch).

Blunt Fringes 


Lets start with the style that requires the most maintenance, a blunt fringe. As they usually sit just over the eyebrows or on them, Before you know it, your fringe will start to touch/cover your eyes and then the temptation to bring the kitchen scissors out will set in.

Next thing you know you wish you just came into the salon to get it trimmed! (See picture below as to why)

This is why we recommend every 4 weeks or so for a trim when you have a blunt fringe. This keeps it fresh and out of your eyes!

Short/Textured/Curly Styles  

The Shorter the Style, the quicker it will grow out of shape and become difficult to style, hence why hair cuts are needed more often with shorter styles.

When a short style grows longer it becomes too heavy and this makes it harder to style. More product is needed for hold which is not the best for your hair.

A lot of statement haircuts, (out there styles) which consist of longer/shorter lengths throughout the hair or very short sides and a longer length on top also loose their effect and shape quite quickly.

We suggest every 4-6 weeks getting shorter styles cut, depending on the exact style and if your hair takes that little bit longer to grow or grows a little quicker.

Damaged/Highly Coloured Hair


Hair that is damaged, usually by excessive colour use and/or damaged from heat styling – generally has a lot more dry, split ends.

Hair that has a lot of colour in it generally will also be much more dry with split ends compared to hair with little to no colour in it.

It is important to get any split ends trimmed. This ensures that the split ends will not travel up the hair strand and makes your hair look a lot more fresh, and as a result will also make your hair look & feel much healthier!

Split ends do not do your awesome colour any justice! You will notice the difference once you get them trimmed.

So, we recommend every 6 weeks to have your hair trimmed if you have damaged hair, or lots of colour in your hair.

Medium Length Hair

Don’t we all hate that stage where your hair starts to kick out at the shoulders? 

Medium length hairstyles tend to do this as they grow out.

We also find that this is a popular length to be styled with heat styling (straightening & curls) which can often result in dry/split ends. As mentioned above, split ends should be trimmed to avoid having them run further up your hair as well as it will leave your hair looking & feeling much better!

We suggest getting your Medium Length Hair or Long Bob cut every 6 to 8 Weeks to avoid this and keep your hair fresh!

Long/Growing Hair

Longer Hairstyles do not need as much attention as short/medium length styles do. Long Styles have the ability to hold their shape for longer without becoming too difficult to style, as the hair is already long.

Split ends as mentioned before, are a good indicator of needing a trim- especially with longer hair.

When growing your hair, it is important to keep in mind you actually don’t want to be cutting it too often while you’re still trying to get to your desired length. If you just get what grows each month or two trimmed off every haircut, your hair will not get any longer. 

What you want to do is allow your hair to grow, and have the split ends cut off. This will ensure they don’t travel further up the hair, and will keep your hair healthy as well as giving it the ability to grow longer!

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