Transitioning From Coloured Hair To Natural Grey

Are you tired of seeing those cheeky grey roots coming through every 3 weeks? How do you know when is the right time to stop colouring your hair and embrace the grey? In this weeks Edition of #HairTalk, we discuss embracing those greys. How to go about transitioning from a full colour to less colour […]

Should I Colour My Own Hair While In Isolation?

The world is going through a tough time at the moment, something many have never been through before. With work, travel, social distancing and public gathering restrictions just to name a few, many people are stuck at home and self-isolating. Hair Salons are allowed to remain open in Australia currently, however some are closed, and […]

Caring for your Blonde During Isolation

As most know, blonde is already considered a high maintenance colour that requires a lot of at home care to ensure your colour doesn’t fade and stays looking fresh, vibrant, and healthy between your visits every 6-8 weeks. With the lockdown that we are currently in here in Melbourne, we can totally understand that having […]