Should I Colour My Own Hair While In Isolation?


The world is going through a tough time at the moment, something many have never been through before. With work, travel, social distancing and public gathering restrictions just to name a few, many people are stuck at home and self-isolating.

Hair Salons are allowed to remain open in Australia currently, however some are closed, and some people do not want to go to the salon to get their hair done for health reasons which is very understandable during this time.

Everything around us may stop for a while, but our hair definitely doesn’t stop growing! Soon enough the regrowth and greys start to pop through. Then comes the urge to grab a box colour from the supermarket to take care of things yourself!

But is it a good idea? Keep reading this edition of #HairTalk by Fallachi Hair to find out from a hairdresser’s perspective!

We know it is annoying and you probably can’t stand the greys (we have a solution for this later in this blog) or your regrowth coming through, but we are going to explain why it may be more worthwhile to stick it out during isolation!


Determining the Right Colour

When we are formulating your colour, there are many things we have to consider and analyse before we even begin just touching up your roots. Your natural base level, natural tones, artificial tone and percentage of greys need to be accurately determined. When the desired colour is applied, we also must determine if it will expose any unwanted tones. This allows your hairdresser to make sure they counteract them within the original formula. This then determines which tones, secondary tones, grey coverage percentage and developer strength is used to create a specific mixture completely personalised for your desired results.

Pretty complex stuff, isn’t it?


Box Dyes Only Offer Limited Choices in Colour

Box dyes only give a very basic, limited range of colours. Often these will very rarely match anywhere close to what your professional formula results in. It often will be either too light or too dark, and quite possibly an undesired tone.


Keeping Your Hair and Scalp’s Health in mind.

Professional hairdressers take into account your hair density, porosity, integrity and pre-existing chemical processes to accurately formulate the correct amount and strength of peroxide to ensure there is no damage to your hair and scalp.

Not only does your professional colour provide you with the best possible formula, it is also is the safest for your hair quality and integrity. They contain the colour molecules and extra additives to nourish and soften your hair from the inside out.

Box dyes contain very basic ingredients that do not offer the same nourishment and can be very harsh and damaging on your hair. Box dyes come with a standard formula, so they may over process or under process your hair, delivering either an undesired colour result or damage your hair and scalp by exposing you to more chemicals than necessary.


In the worst-case scenario, you could cause damage to your hair that can cause long term breakage.



Even if you are lucky enough to manage matching your colour close enough to your existing professional colour, trying to apply the colour yourself or have a friend or family member apply it who is not qualified can result in uneven or undesirable results.

If you overlap your colour it will darken the artificial colour you already have (colour on colour goes darker) creating banding, which is very hard to even out. You can end up with blotches or patches in the ends if it drips or hair gets caught/tangled.

If the application is translucent or patchy, when it comes time for it to be fixed this can also create banding or a darker than desired result.

Any of these factors can create colour problems that are not quick or easy to fix and will cost time and money to rectify.


Don’t Ruin all that hard work!

For many clients, it has taken multiple sessions with your hairdresser over time to get to your desired colour. Don’t ruin all that hard work! Not only can box dye waste the time and money spent getting your hair to your desired colour, it is only going to create more time and money spent in the future. If the colour needs correcting on your next appointment, it can take multiple sessions with your hairdresser to return to your desired result!

Isolation = No Social Life!

With the current restrictions, unless you are still going to work, you are not really seeing that many people other than your family anyway. So if you are not wanting to visit the salon just yet, it is a perfect time not to worry about anyone seeing those greys or regrowth!

What is the solution?

Ultimately, if you can hold off until you can return to the salon, that is the best option. However, if you are looking for a quick (temporary fix), you can use our Keratherapy Gray Root Concealer. This is a spray that can temporarily cover your regrowth. It’s active ingredient of keratin revitalizes the hair’s natural protective layer, adds strength, restores elasticity and reduces breakage. It is safe on all hair types and lasts until your next shampoo.

Available in 5 Colours: Blonde, Light Brown, Med/Dark Brown, Black & Auburn RedYou can pick the colour closest to yours.

Watch the video below to see how it works:

Also, you could try using accessories and styles to disguise your roots such as headbands or clips.

We are open here at Fallachi Hair in Berwick and taking the necessary precautions to ensure our customer’s safety. Please feel free to get in contact with us if you would like to book an appointment.

You can do this via:

Phone – 9707 5722

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Thanks for reading!


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