How To Get Salon Quality Curls at Home with the ghd Oracle


“I’ll never be able to recreate this at home” is what you’re probably thinking as your hairdresser is finishing off your hair at the salon, giving you beautiful looking curls.

If only it was that easy to do at home!

We agree, it is definitely hard to get salon-quality styling at home, more specifically giving yourself some stunning curls or beachy waves. However, we have a brand new tool that has just hit our shelves that we know is going to help you. A lot. It’s even helped us, and we LOVE it!


In this edition of #HairTalk by Fallachi Hair in Berwick, we are going to talk about the brand-new Oracle Curler from ghd, and just how GOOD it is!

The ghd oracle has literally revolutionised the way you can curl your hair. No more fiddling to wrap your hair around your hair straighter to try and create and curl. A common issue many women face is trying to curl their hair with their hair straightener. (Hairdressers make it look so easy), but ghd have answered your prayers with the Oracle Curler!

ghd invested over $9 Million over a 6-year period to develop the Oracle, and its technology really shows that. There is nothing like it out there!



The Oracle is basically used like a hair straightener, meaning no wrapping hair around anything. It’s innovative ‘Curl Zone’ technology will take care of that for you, with just a slight tilt of the hand.

We recently used the ghd Oracle to create the perfect finish to a colour transformation we did. Here is a snippet:



You can even create different types of curls, by simply adjusting the angle you hold the tool!


Curl Zone Technology

The hair will pass through the U-shaped barrel, which is made up of 4 different ceramic plates. As the hair glides through the heated zone, it is shaped into the curl.


Cool Zone

Once the hair glides out of the heated zone, it will hit the cooling system, which sets the curl immediately. This means long lasting curls!


Optimum Styling Temperature of 185°

The oracle styles your hair at a temperature of 185°. This is known as the ‘Glass Transition Phase’. This is the temperature in which a material transforms from a hard or brittle state to a malleable or plastic state. For our hair, this means it is the optimum temperature to style without damaging your hair.

Check out this video below to see how it works:



The ghd Oracle is priced at $340.00. It is definitely worth the investment if you like to curl your hair regularly. The oracle is exclusively available only in partner salons. Why? Because ghd wants each customer to receive a styling lesson/demonstration from a hairdresser before they use it to ensure you get the most out of your Oracle.

So, if you purchase a ghd Oracle from us here at Fallachi Hair, you will receive a FREE styling lesson with one of our stylists who will show you how the Oracle works, and the different types of curls you can create for your hair.

The ghd oracle is only available for purchase in-salon.

If you have any questions about the ghd Oracle or purchasing it from us, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email: or get in touch via our socials below.



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