Why Does My Hair Feel Like Straw?


We’ve probably all been through it once before, or maybe it’s a common thing you experience with your hair. It’s dry, brittle and feels like straw! There are a few reasons why your hair is feeling so dry, usually all circling back to it having a lack of moisture.

In this article we will be discussing some common causes of dry hair, and how to fix them.

1. Over Using Heat Tools

Heat tools such as blowdryers, curlers, and straighteners can have negative effects on your hair if used incorrectly or too often. They contribute in drying your hair out and can even damage your hair, so it it is best to use them less frequently and on a lower heat setting when you do use them.

2. Shampooing Too Often

Everyone wants clean hair, however shampooing too often will strip your hair of it’s natural oils and dry it out. Your hair needs it’s oils for moisture! How often you should shampoo depends on your hair, and how much oils it naturally produces. For some every 2- 3 days works best while for others it may be once per week.

3. Don’t be Too Rough

Gentle washing is key if you have dry hair. If you are too rigorous with washing it disrupts the hair cuticles, causing breakages and split ends.

4. Using The Wrong Shampoo & Conditioner

If you are suffering from dry, brittle hair you need to ensure you are using the correct shampoo & conditioner that is intended to re-hydrate your hair and replenish the moisture it has lost. It is also important to use sulfate-free products, as sulfate also dries out your hair. We recommend the Biolage HydraSource Shampoo followed by the HydraSource Conditioning Balm. 

5. Use a Hair Mask or Treatment

It is recommended to use a hydrating hair mask or treatment 1-2 times per week which will further replenish the moisture in your hair. The Biolage HydraSource Deep Treatment Hair Mask will infuse extremely dry hair with moisture and nourishment. Your hair will be less prone to breakage, feel soft and look healthy!

6. Leave in Conditioner

Your best friend when it comes to dry hair! They will not only provide you with the moisture you need but also protect your hair. We recommend the Biolage HydraSource Detangling Solution which will protect from environmental aggressors, and moisturise dry hair.

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