The Best Hairstyles For My SQUARE Face Shape


Did You Know that your face shape accounts for around 80% of how a hairstyle will look on you?

It is important to consider this when choosing a new style, as it can make or break the haircut!

In the last edition of #HairTalk we discussed the Round Face Shape, so this week we are going to talk about the Square Face Shape and what styles suit it best.

What Is The Square Face Shape?

The Square face shape consists of a prominent jaw and square chin, with the forehead and jawline roughly the same width.

Generally, with a square face shape, there is the choice to either soften the squareness and strong jawline or accentuate it. It is a shape that some people like to take attention away from and some people like make more prominent, so it is your choice!


To Soften The Square Shape:

If you want to take away attention from the square face shape, longer is better. The closer the ends of your hair are to your jawline, the more prominent the square shape will be.

So to soften the shape, anything from shoulder-length down with texture & layers will help you in taking attention away from the square face shape.

The examples below show how longer hair with layers will hide the prominence of a square face shape.

You can compare the picture of Olivia Wilde with longer hair to the picture further down where she has shorter hair, and the difference it makes to how prominent the squareness is.



To Highlight the Square Shape:

For those who want to bring more attention to their strong jawline, styles like a blunt fringe or short bob work well. Anything above the shoulders will bring more and more attention towards your strong jawline and square shape.

The Shorter you go, the more prominent it will be.



For example, in the style below Hailey Baldwin uses her hair to accentuate her strong jawline.


Thanks for reading! We hope you gained some valuable insight into what hairstyles will work with a Square Face Shape.


As always, we recommend that you discuss with your hairdresser about your face shape and also your hair type. This can give you a great direction in choosing a hairstyle that compliments your face shape.

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