Understanding OMBRÉ

Ombré meaning "shaded" in French. It is the gradual blending of one colour shade to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark.



It has proven to be a very popular hair colour trend, and it is here to stay!



  • Ombré gives the ability for those with naturally dark hair the chance to wear blonde without the upkeep of regrowth coming through in only a few weeks!
  • Uses your natural colour at the roots (this means you do not pay for a tint)
  • Colouring can be done less frequently due to no regrowth
  • Great Style For People who have never coloured their hair before or just want an enhancement of their natural colour. Ombré still gives off the effect of a beautiful colour (which it is), yet it is still soft & natural looking!


Common Problems With Ombré/Things To Keep In Mind

-Dry, spilt ends .          

-Yellow/Brassy tone

-Over Toned ends 



Ombré may sound like the dream colour yet there are limitations.

As hairdressers, we need to be able to manage realistic expectations of the level of lightness that is achieved in lightening the hair (being dark naturally or breaking through existing hair colour)

Depending on your natural hair colour, it may take a couple of visits to get to your desired result without compensating the quality of your hair.

How to Maintain Your Ombre

Maintaining your Ombré is important to keep it looking vibrant and fresh, as like any other hair colour.

Split ends do not do your Ombré Justice! So, regular trims will ensure split ends are not visible and keep your hair + colour looking fresh.

In the salon we include a Bond Rebuilder in your lightening processes to help protect the hair fiber, reducing possible damage and breakage, protecting internal bonds, and improving hair resistance.

Salon treatment and toner visits to will help rebalance your blonde and keep hair healthy in between your major revamp visits.

Most of the time, Revamp visits only require lightening the areas that need to be lightened.

For Example, not always re-lightening the ends, more so moving the lightness upwards.

Coming back into the salon to maintain your colour is always necessary, however keep in mind this in-salon maintenance is not as regular with Ombré vs Other Colours. Taking care of your colour with the right products at home is vital and comes first!


Taking Care of Ombré At Home 

At Tomars, we have all the right products both in-store and online that you will need to take care of your Ombré, or any hair colour.

The 1st Step is Using the correct concentrated shampoo + conditioner for your Ombré.

We recommend and use the Colour Extend Blondage Shampoo & Conditioner by REDKEN for your Ombré. With Ultra Violet Pigment and Triple Acid Protein Complex tone, this will strengthen and brighten all in one for a brighter, stronger blonde!



The Colour Extend Blondage Shampoo and Conditioner is available in-store or online at Tomars. Click here to check it out!

Also be sure to check out the Trio Pack we have available online at amazing value - for only $66.90 you will receive: 1 REDKEN Colour Extend Blondage Shampoo, 1 Conditioner + 1 REDKEN One United All in One Multi Benefit Treatment




The 2nd Step is Treating your hair at home at least once a week. This will moisturize, nourish and strengthen the hair fiber which is necessary after having any colour done.


We recommend the REDKEN All Soft MegaMask for treating your hair at home. This is a dual chamber mega mask intended to provide deep, intense conditioning, and a care extender that lasts up to 3 washes. This Mega Mask has the power of the RCT Protein Complex to restore softness, shine and suppleness. You can check out the MegaMask by clicking here.





Finally, keep in mind when styling using hot styling tools (blowdryer, straightener, curling iron) – always use a heat protectant spray. Not only will it protect your hair from any heat damage, it will prevent it drying out and not affect your colour! We use and recommend the Style Stories Thermal Protect Spray by ALFAPARF, which is available here.




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