Top 3 Hottest Trending Colours Right Now!

Welcome to the first edition of #HairTalk by Tomars! 

Today we are going to be showcasing the Top 3 Hottest Trending Colours in the salon right now! 

1. Copper

A stunning, multi-toned colour using hues from red, gold and orange - which gives a beautiful light and depth to this colour.

Copper can also be paired with lighter tones for a lighter effect. 

Copper hair is sure to grab attention and turn heads everywhere you go!  


2. Subtle Ombre 

Similar to a traditional Ombré, a Subtle version of this provides less of a two tone effect. Instead the result is more of face framing highlights!

A stunning colour that is not over the top, using close to natural root colours. This mimics how your hair would look without colour and sun-kissed from the sun!


3. Blondes with Hints Of Pastel

Perfect to spice up and add some contrast to your blonde colour. 

Rose Gold, Violets, Pink, Baby Blue and more! A really fun and subtle yet effective use of colour. 




Maintaining Your Colour

Ensuring you have the correct haircare products for your colour will ensure it stays vibrant and fresh for longer after you get your colour done. 

For Copper Colours: We like to use an Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Shampoo and Mask with added Copper Pigments to bring out the best in your hair and it's colour. At home you can use a Semi Di Lino Shampoo and Mask, choose from the:

Illuminating Range (for Normal Hair)


Nutritive Range (for Dry hair) 

For Ombré: We recommend using the REDKEN Colour Extend Blondage Shampoo and Conditioner. This is a colour-depositing purple shampoo for blonde hair. It will tone, strengthen and help keep your blonde brighter and healthier. 

Blondes with Hints of Pastel: will benefit from the use of the REDKEN Colour Extend Magnetics Shampoo and Conditioner. A sulfate-free, color captivating care you need in a shampoo for coloured hair.

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