The Best Hairstyles For My OBLONG Face Shape

Choosing a hairstyle according to your face shape can have a profound impact on how the hairstyle will look on you and is one of the main reasons why a particular hairstyle may not look as good as you thought.

There are 6 common types of face shapes, each with different features that suit different hairstyles. You can find out all the different face shapes in this previous blog.

In this week’s edition of #HairTalk, we discuss the Oblong Face Shape, and what styles suit it best!

What Is The Oblong Face Shape?


The Oblong (or long) Face Shape is a longer version of the Oval Face Shape and is longer than it is wide.

Similar to the oval face shape, the oblong shape is quite a versatile face shape because it can work with most styles, long or short. It just depends whether you want to take away from the length of the face or keep it – and that’s what we’re going to explain to you.

What Styles Suit The Oblong Face Shape?

Usually, people with an Oblong Face Shape are wanting to reduce the length of their face.

To do this, the key is not to have your hair too long. This the longer the hair, the more it will lengthen your face more than it already is.


Having a style with layers that end at your collarbone or even as short as your jawline will suit well. 


This will also reduce the length of the face, and the layers break it up as well.

A LOB (Long Bob) also is a great option for the Oblong Face Shape.

You can see the difference it makes on Jessica Alba's face shape in the pictures below. 


A fringe also works very well in reducing the length of your face, whether it is a blunt (straight cut), side-swept or curtain fringe, as seen below.


If the hairstyle is too long, it will make the face even longer, so we suggest avoiding super long hair. (Unless this is what you are looking for)

If you like your hair long but are still wanting to reduce the length of your face, adding in a fringe can help shorten your face! 


Thanks for reading! We hope you gained some valuable insight into what hairstyles will work with an Oblong Face Shape.


As always, we recommend that you discuss with your hairdresser about your face shape and also your hair type. This can give you a great direction in choosing a hairstyle that compliments your face shape.


Here at Tomars Berwick our lovely, experienced team are here to help in getting the right hairstyle for you. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about your hair and choosing the right style for you.


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