Taking Care of Your Hair at Home During Lockdown

With hair salons being closed during the Stage 4 Lockdown we are currently in here in Victoria, it is important to keep your hair healthy whilst you wait until you can visit the salon again! 

This even applies in general – your hair will thank you and so will your hairdresser. But it’s not as simple as any Shampoo or Conditioner to look after your hair. You want to match the right product to your hair type, whether that may be coloured hair, dry hair, fine hair or thick hair and then you will really see the great benefits!

In this week’s edition of #HairTalk by Fallachi Hair, we are going to give you some handy tips and product recommendations based on your hair type to ensure your hair’s health is at its best during lockdown.

Here at Fallachi Hair, we are still shipping out online orders during lockdown to ensure you keep your haircare up during iso, so if you need anything just check out our online store or click the links to the products below! 


Fine Hair:

Fine hair generally tends to become dirtier quicker, because fine hair has less density to it and is not as thick. This is due to everyday air pollution having easy access to the scalp and hair, so it is important to keep it clean.

With fine hair, you generally will want something to help give it the body and volume that it lacks.

The Clean Volume Shampoo from Pureology is amazing for fine hair as it gently cleanses your fine hair but also gives it that body and volume it needs as we mentioned before.

Pureology products are all also designed with coloured hair in mind. Their Anti-Fade complex will ensure that your colour is not stripped out when using this shampoo.

Check out the Pureology Clean Volume range here.

Another product we highly recommend for fine hair is the Alfaparf Volumizing Low Shampoo.

This is also a gentle cleansing shampoo that will volumize your fine hair and enhance the thickness of the hair fibres. This is a great option if you do not need to worry so much about colour protection in your shampoo.

They also offer a Volumizing spray. This is a leave-in spray that supports the hair fibres and enhances their thickness with a flexible hold for long-lasting volume.

Check out the Alfaparf Volumizing Range here.


Thick Hair:

Thicker hair generally requires more moisture to keep it hydrated and often people with dry hair, have thick hair. So, it is important that you have a hydrating shampoo and conditioner combo to keep your thick hair healthy.

Redken’s All Soft range is great if you need to add some hydration to your hair. It will help to smooth your hair out, making it more manageable for you.

The shampoo contains Argan oil that gently cleanses and softens dry hair. Follow this up with the All Soft Conditioner to detangle and moisturise your hair.

You will also find the All Soft Mega Mask which is a deep, intense conditioning treatment. Its benefits will last up to 3 washes and it contains an RCT Protein Complex to restore softness, shine and suppleness in your hair. 

Check out the Redken All Soft Range here.

If you suffer from extremely dry or damaged hair, we recommend the Alfaparf Reparative Range. It will repair, reconstruct and strengthen your damaged and dry hair for a smoother and much more manageable finish.

The shampoo will help your hair regain its structure whilst gently cleansing and promotes the reconstruction process of the hair fiber. When used regularly, it restores strength and elasticity.

After shampooing, you can use the Reparative Mask, which is an intense conditioning treatment that will help reconstruct your hair fiber even deeper down and will assist in preventing breakage. This mask is also not too heavy and won’t make your hair oily!

To finalise the reconstruction process, the Reparative Anti-Breakage Fluid by sealing the cuticles and creating an effective protective barrier around the hair fiber.

Find out more about the Alfaparf Reparative Range here.

Curly Hair:

We can’t go past Redken’s Curvaceous range for managing your curly hair.

Starting with the High-Foam Cleanser, which is a lightweight cleanser that gently removes impurities without stripping vital moisture. Formulated with an exclusive Curl Memory Complex with sugar crystals, moringa oil and a UV filter, the Curvaceous high-foam hair cleanser infuses curls with lightweight moisture.

The Curvaceous Conditioner provides curly hair with weightless conditioning. The awesome thing about it is that it can be rinsed out, or left in for extra curl definition and softness, providing intense moisturizing for all curl types. A great 2 in 1!

If you want to reduce frizz, lock in moisture and add a healthy shine to your curls, then the Curvaceous ‘Full Swirl’ hair cream Serum is for you! 

This anti-frizz hair cream provides control for all curl types and enhances the full body of each curl.

Not to mention it is one of the COOLEST looking products out there:


Check out the Curvaceous range here.

Coloured Hair:

As you would probably know, it is extremely important to take care of your coloured hair to ensure it stays vibrant and lasts as long as possible.

The Colour Extend Range from Redken is one of our go-to’s at Fallachi Hair for colour-treated clients.

Depending on your colour, there are different options-

Colour Extend Magnetics: This is a great all-rounder for colour treated hair. This sulfate-free shampoo is a non-stripping gentle cleanser that contains amino-acids to help seal in your colour and strengthens the hair from root to tip.

Use this along with the Colour Extend Magnetics conditioner for targeted repair, resulting in easy detangling and a softer, smoother, and more conditioned feel. 

To top off the benefits of the Redken Colour Extend Magnetics range, the Mega Mask is highly recommended. It is a dual-chamber mega hair mask intended to provide deep, intense conditioning, along with a care extender to provide ultimate vibrancy for your colour that lasts up to 3 washes.

Check out the Colour Extend Magnetics range here.

Redken have now also introduced the Colour Extend Brownlights range. The shampoo and conditioner contain the same colour extending benefits but are specifically formulated for brunette colours to remove the unwanted warm tones that can pop up 4-6 weeks after your colour.


The advanced colour deposit technology helps prolong cool tones by depositing the perfect balance of blue pigment with every wash. When used regularly, the colour deposit gradually builds to prevent brassy tones and warmth.

Use it at home after your salon service to prolong your cool brunette colour and gradually fight brassy, orange undertones.

 Check them out here.



Blondes definitely need attention after your colour in the salon to ensure your colour stays blonde, vibrant and doesn’t fade. ‘Purple Shampoo’ as we call it is a must to keep the brassy tones away!

Pureology’s Strength Cure Best Blonde is a great purple shampoo for all shades of colour-treated blonde, highlighted and lightened hair. It is made up of violet toning properties to ensure your strongest and brightest blonde hair yet.


Aside from being 100% Vegan, this shampoo also strengthens and rebuilds damaged, brittle hair while preventing dryness and further breakage. Its exclusive AntiFade Complex will protect against heat damage and keep your highlights bright and vibrant while refreshing brassy, yellow tones you need.

You can then instantly condition, detangle and tone your highlighted or blonde colour-treated hair with Strength Cure Best Blonde Conditioner

If you want to add in some extra benefits to your blonde haircare routine, the Strength Cure Best Blonde Miracle Filler is it. This is a daily treatment spray for your blonde coloured hair that is formulated with Strengthening Keravis, that helps heal and restore damaged cuticles for stronger, softer hair. Plus, the AntiFade Complex that is present in all Pureology products will protect against heat damage, keeping highlights bright and vibrant while refreshing brassy, yellow tones.

Check out the Pureology Strength Cure Best Blonde range here.

If you want to treat yourself and your hair, you can’t go past the Pureology Superfood Masks! These are amazing and we highly recommend them. Not only do they leave your hair smelling great, but they are also super softening and good for your hair. Indulge yourself with natural ingredients and essential nutrients to moisturise and soften your coloured hair.

The Hydrate Superfood Mask is perfect to add much-needed hydration your hair especially if it is dry. It contains Avocado and Coconut oil to help soften your dry hair.

The Strength Cure Superfood Mask is suited towards damaged hair and great for heavily bleached hair! It contains Goji Berry Extract and Olive Oil to repair, strengthen, and protect hair from future damage.

 Check out the superfood masks here

We hope you enjoyed this edition of #HairTalk by Fallachi Hair! If you are still not sure what the best products are for your hair type – feel free to get in touch with us and we can help you out. You can email us at info@fallachihair.com.au or message us on our Facebook page, Fallachi Hair.

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