Conceal Grey Roots In Just A Few Sprays!

Finding those Grey's popping through quicker and quicker?

"Do I have to get my colour touched up ALREADY?"

Did you know you can extend your salon visits and conceal the greys with a few quick sprays at home? 

Well, you can do just that using our newest arrival - The Grey Root Concealer by KERATHERAPY, and in this weeks edition of #HairTalk we are going to explain exactly how it works! 

What It Does and How It Works:

The KERATHERAPY Grey Root Concealer is a colour spray that instantly covers your grey roots in between hair colour appointments.


The spray is infused with Keratin - one of the hair's most important structural proteins and is safe to use on all hair types. 

The Keratin revitalizes the hair's natural protective layer, adds strength, restores elasticity and reduces breakage.

It is available in 5 Colours:

  • Blonde 
  • Light Brown
  • Med/Dark Brown
  • Black 
  • Auburn Red

The easy to use spray applicator allows you to target only the areas you need covered which works really well.

How Long Does It Last?

The Gray Root Concealer will last until your next shampoo after using it.

How To Use It?

Apply on dry hair only. Shake can well. Hold 6-10 inches (15-25 cm) from hair and spray on the grey root area with a steady movement. Allow product to dry in your hair for 2-3 minutes.

Where Can I Get It?

Here at Tomars, we stock the full range of the KERATHERAPY Grey Root Concealer, in all 5 colours. You can purchase it here on our website by clicking the product below or we also have them available In-Store at 14 Gloucester Ave, Berwick VIC 3806. 









Thanks for reading another edition of #HairTalk! We hope you enjoyed. 

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