• Why Scalp Health is Important

    The scalp is often an overlooked part of our haircare routines that is actually very important. A healthy scalp means healthy hair and the scalp is the root (see what we did there) of it all! In this edition of #HairTalk by Fallachi Hair, we talk about the common scalp issues, their causes, and h... View Post
  • Caring for your Blonde During Isolation

    As most know, blonde is already considered a high maintenance colour that requires a lot of at home care to ensure your colour doesn’t fade and stays looking fresh, vibrant, and healthy between your visits every 6-8 weeks. With the lockdown that we are currently in here in Melbourne, we can total... View Post
  • How To Get Salon Quality Curls at Home with the ghd Oracle

    “I’ll never be able to recreate this at home” is what you’re probably thinking as your hairdresser is finishing off your hair at the salon, giving you beautiful looking curls. If only it was that easy to do at home! We agree, it is definitely hard to get salon-quality styling at home, more specif... View Post